Natural Handmade Soap

Natural Handmade Soaps: Gentle, Pure & Natural, Lass Handmade Soaps are the real handmade soaps which passes to your hands from our hands. And nothing comes in between! We handcraft our natural soaps from some of the most effective herbs, aromas & 100% vegetable oils nature has gifted us. Pamper your skin with Lass natural handmade soaps that are made with a unique saponifaction procees using 100% vegetable oils and ingredients

Our soaps are affordable luxury you can indulge in and we are sure that once experienced, you will never want to go back to regular chemical laden soaps! For a cleansing experience beyond the ordinary, discover one for yourself or your loved ones from the refreshing range we offer. We are in-business for thirty five years. We design & private label custom soaps as well.